Frozen Seafood


Four 3oz. Dungeness Crab Cakes per box. The Dungeness spit extends 5 ½ miles out from Northwest Washington and is home to the big, sweet crabs we feature in Ivar's restaurants.

crabcakes box

Ivar's Dungeness Crab Cakes

These Dungeness crab cakes are All-Natural and extra meaty. Our recipe has lots of premium Dungeness crab from the Pacific Northwest, gently mixed with butter, lemon juice and herbs, then shaped and coated in bread crumbs. They're great as a starter or main dish entrée.

How to prepare:

Stove-Top Method (prefered method)

1. Heat 2 tablespoons cooking oil or butter over medium heat in a saute pan.

2. Place the crab cakes in the pan and gently saute them over medium heat for 8 minutes per side or until hot.