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Dimitri immerses himself in a bowl of clam chowder at Ivar's Salmon House Restaurant

Our clam chowder is available everywhere, but other Ivar's soup and chowder varieties may be offered as well. Please inquire at one of the businesses listed below.

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mt. rainier / 787 / space needle

Ivar's Facts:

If we poured our soup, chowder and chili into cups, here is how they would measure up:

* If you placed the cups one in front of the other (with no spaces in between), they would stretch from our production plant in Mukilteo, WA (20-miles north of Seattle) all the way to the northern California border.

* Stacking those same cups one on top of the other, the stack would soar over 168 times higher than the summit of Mount Rainier.

* If you think that's tall, the actual height stretches skyward for 461 miles, which would reach the international space station (when it was orbiting above Mukilteo of course), circle it and make it 90 percent of the way back to earth.

* You could even fill an entire Boeing 787 Dreamliner 15 times (without the seats of course).